Notice of Value

All counties in New Mexico are statutorily required to mail property owners their Notice of Value on or before April 1, unless the county has requested an extension with the State Property Tax Department.

Please review this document carefully, as it will directly result in your Property Tax Bill in November. Property Owners have 30 days from the MAILING DATE to file an administrative protest to protect their rights.

If you have any questions regarding the receipt of your Notice, find your assessor and contact your Assessor's Office directly, or feel free to contact our office.

As always, if we don't save you any money, you owe us NOTHING!

Our Program


  1. No Savings - No Fee
  2. Our contingency fee is based on the tax dollars saved between the Notice of Value you receive in the Spring, and Tax Bill you receive in the Fall of the given year.
  3. Absolutely no other costs involved!


Our professional staff reviews each county Assessment of Value against applicable Cost, Market, Income, and Uniformity approaches to value utilizing our comprehensive database, updated daily, and our years of real estate experience.

If a protest is in order we will represent you and pursue your case through the appropriate steps required to reduce your assessment.

If, in our opinion, your Tax Assessment is fair, we will so notify you. You will at least have the peace of mind resulting from our professional review, and it has cost you nothing.


Please download and sign our Agency Agreement then return to our office -by fax, email, or in person - along with a copy of your 2021 Notice of Value for each property you'd like us to review.

Download our Agency Agreement (.doc)