Who We Are

You don't need a "National Solution" to cut your property taxes - with NMPT you get native property owners who have a thorough understanding of the tax appeal process in New Mexico. NMPT is uniquely qualified and we know the market.

Tim Eichenberg

  • Former New Mexico State Property Tax Director
  • Bernalillo County Deputy Assessor
  • Bernalillo County Treasurer
  • Member, International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO)
  • Institute of Professionals of Taxation (IPT)
  • New Mexico GB 98 General Contractor
  • New Mexico Real Estate Broker
  • State Certified Appraiser

Carolyn Winter

  • 20 years experience with Bernalillo County Assessor's Office
  • Reappraisal Coordinator
  • Residential Supervisor
  • New Mexico Certified Appraiser
  • 5 years experience with Bernalillo County Building, Planning and Zoning: Project Coordinator
  • Former IAAO (Inter- national Assoc. of Assessing Officers) Instructor